basic pricing please?

  1. i don't know much about balenciaga except that they are adorable and look good wearing just about anything. I am interested in getting one, but i need to know the basic prices to decide how much i want to spend. Small to large, etc. thanks so much ladies.
  2. hello

    i am not too sure anymore about the new bbags and brand new retail. I like to buy vintage bbags myself. but you can refer to the balenciaga bible written by our own LP in this forum.
  3. thanks!!!
  4. Off topic, but I LOVE your avatar! That is the cutest picture ever. The sleeping pug and the GST. Sooo cute!

    I have 3 pugs.
  5. you can also request a balenciaga pdf file from aloha rag (, the file has the current price on the items they have in stock
  6. I only know the prices on a few things. The price tags are still on mine!

    Coin purse - $285
    First - $995
    City - $1195

    The Day was less than the City at Barney's - the about $995 too, IIRC. I'm pretty sure the Work was $1295.

    That's all I know. Someone correct if I'm off.
  7. feeling silly to ask...
    how come i can find bbags on the aloharag site?
    whats wrong with me? :confused1:
  8. You have to email them for their latest stock pdf.:yes:

  9. I copied this from a thread from February:

    Handbag (Dimensions in L"x W"xH") and Prices:
    First (13x2x6) $995
    City (15x3.5x10) $1195
    Giant City $1595
    Twiggy (14x6.5x7) $1095
    Day (16x5x13) $995
    Giant Day $1245
    Messenger (16x5x13) $1040 (same shape as the Day bag but with a long adjustable shoulder strap)
    Flap Messenger (12x5.5x13) square shape with long adjustable shoulder strap
    Work (18x5x13) $1385
    Giant Work $1725
    Weekender (21x9x15) $1495
    Men's Weekender (21x9x15) (longer handles to fit over shoulder)
    Bowling (12x3x15) $1185, Handles fit over shoulder, with zipper closure
    Mini Bowling (12x2.5x11) $1075 Handles fit over shoulder, with zipper closure
    Part Time (16x6x9) $1295(with shoulder strap)
    Giant Part-Time $1645
    Afternoon$1245 (14topx17bottomx6x13) (handles fit over shoulder)
    Mid-Afternoon$1195 (11topx14bottomx5x11) (handles fit over shoulder)
    Courier (13x8.5x12) $1175 (adjustable strap that fits across the body)
    Extra Courier (24x9x17) $1295 (adjustable strap that fits across the body)
    Brief (12top/17bottomx3x13) $1195
    Giant Brief $1595
  10. Wow--I just ordered my part time giant hardware in french blue today-I was so used to the city prices being around 1195 that the 1645 price tag had me in a slight shock for a moment but I think its because of the hardware...I really hope I love the giant hardware!!!
  11. What about the prices in British pound?
  12. Thanks, so much, Pidgeon.

    Dollars to pounds converters can easily be found on Google. A rough measurement can be obtained by dividing by 2. The actual rates vary day by day.