Basic, incredible black pumps - help!

  1. Hey a few months it's time to go job hunting again when my current (fabulous!) assignment is up this summer.

    It'll be summer but black pumps are what I need for interviewing. I do have quite a few pairs of black shoes but they are mostly wedges, platforms and super high heeled pumps or mary janes - trendier things I can wear in a business casual environment with slacks or jeans, not really for interviewing in a conservative suit.

    So, here's what I'm looking for: something black, leather, closed toe and not too pointy-toed or overly decorated. No sling backs or kitten heels...And definitely not anything frumpy! I'd like to keep it around $500 or less. Sounds easy but it really isn't! :shrugs:

    Here's what I've found so far:

    D&G, $350:

    Tory Burch, $295:

    Gucci, $495 (not sure on the lug sole):
    Manolos...4" may be a bit high for basic heels but oh yeah!

    Cole Haan, $275:

    Via Spiga, $179:

    Any other ideas? TIA! :heart:
  2. the manolos are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i vote for classic!

    on another note, ive tried those cole haans before and they KILLed my feet, like i couldn't bear to even walk around the store in them....could just be me, but i was sorely disappointed, considering they supposedly have nike air tech in them...though the SA insisted that the reason they're so uncomfortable for me was because i tried on the patent leather one and they're really hard or something........anyway, just a tip on those!
  3. ^^ good advice, thanks rainy! Yeah, i'm partial to those manolos but need to try 'em on. My feet run wide so I have to find brands cut wide as well.
  4. I think the D&G ones looks better in these photos.
  5. The manolos are hot, but I think the cole haan ones are very very classy as well.

    I don't like the via spiga pair because i dislike square toes.
  6. Hi! the Manolos have the best shape IMO.

    My mother has the Guccis, they are great, great, great! and she says that even though they have a high heel they are super comfortable. And they actually look really elegant, perfect for work. They are a bit winter-y though. So they'd be my second choice after the Manolos.

    Hope I helped a bit. Good luck! :heart:
  7. For pounding the pavement, I would go for comfort.
  8. Have you tried Guess Carries? I think they are some of the comfiest pumps I have - and I get lots of compliments on them too - which is always very important!
  9. I LOVE the D&G, but I think the patent may be too bold for a conservative suit. I think the Manolos are classic and will last you well into your new job.

    Btw: Good luck with your interviews! :biggrin:

    While we're on this topic, how do you girls feel about wearing designer shoes to an interview? Is it as taboo as bringing a designer bag to an interview? I was thinking more along the lines of a shoe that say, has a tiny logo somewhere inconspicuous (like an engraved Prada or Gucci Dior on a tiny metal plate).
  10. Dolce/Gabbana makes beautiful shoes, but are uncomfortable for me.

    The Blahnik pump is comfortable, and available in lower heel heights if that is something you are concerned about.

    I'd suggest trying the ones you like. The last thing you want to think about during an interview are your uncomfortable shoes.
  11. I find the manalos to be the prettiest.
  12. Hi Lyn,

    I think that depends on type of position/type of company. I work in healthcare for a company that is more conservative, and in an environment like that, I tend to avoid wearing anything with a large logo on it during an interview. If it's a small logo that someone wouldn't see at first glance, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  13. I have the Manolos and they're stunning and really comfortable. I think they're a great investment. The other shoes look more trendy than classic, plus some of them look a little clunky. Go for the Manolos!
  14. Oops, sorry forgot to add... I also have wide feet and had to size up in the Manolos, from a 9.5 (39.5) to a 10.5 (41) but they have been the most comfortable heels to date for me.
  15. Manolos for me! I have them and they are very comfy! This pair started my love affair with Manolos.