Basic ebay seller question

  1. I have bought a few bags on eBay, but now am selling one because....well, I can use the money! I have had about 8 questions about the bag, and updated the auction pictures per the authenticity requests (it comes with the receipt) Some people have given me their email and asked them to send pics to their emails. Is this OK to do? Or more accurately why do they want this if the pics are on the auction?
  2. Sometimes I ask for the pictures to be emailed because depending on the type of picture you pay for eBay shrinks them down.
  3. Or get pics hosted elsewhere like Photobucket and put the url into your item description in html, provided there are no bids.
  4. I don't ever e-mail pics to people, I always add them to the auction. As angelah said if you use photobucket you don't need to worry too much about the size and even if there are bids you can still add the pics
  5. I have asked sellers for additional photos just to make sure they are able to take more, thus verifying that the photos aren't stolen. If a seller refuses to provide more pics, I generally stay away on the suspicion that they don;t have the bag, or are going to send me a different bag.

    That said, if you are uncomfortable with emailing, I agree with mooks and angelah - add them to your auction and message the buyer saying you have uploaded them onto the listing.