Basic Black - Birkin or HAC ?

  1. I'm trying to decide on a black Birkin, size 28 or 30. Which do you consider a more "everyday" bag? I like the Birkin, but I like that the HAC is the ORIGINAL Hermes design (which was later modified to the Birkin). I'm small, 5'4" and about 120 (last time I checked, I don't like to weigh myself often :nogood: )

    If you could only get one :roflmfao:, which would you prefer? Why?

    Thanks in advance for your help with this ever-so-important decision!! :flowers:
  2. I would get (and have ) the 28HAC ( and I do have 2 30's)........the 28 is a little more elegant where the 30 is more a cute tote--I dont love the 30 birkin. I am a big 28HAC fan. Its the perfect bag in my opinion. Holds everything but can go day to night and I like the longer body.
  3. Assuming both are in the same leather and same hardware, I think the 30 is more of an everyday bag. But, if it were me, I would buy the HAC, just because I like the design better. I love the squared off turnkey, and the proportions. I'm 5'1", and I usually wear 2" heels of some sort--casual--, and I like the proportions on me better in the HAC. (I'm about 112, btw.)

    I just had a similar opportunity, and I took the HAC, although in 32, because for me it holds everything I need on a busy day, and doesn't look saggy or empty if it['s a day when I don't need as much. I also like that it's rarer. JMO!
  4. Im 5'4 , 125 lbs and I have a HAC36cm. It's PERFECT for 5'4 people. It's not too Small or overwhelmingly Big. It's the perfect size and can fit anything, everything and great for travelling, carry on as well.

    If you like an everyday, put everything in it "Tote"..the HAC36cm is GREAT. Anything smaller will be purselike IMO. The HAC32cm is good too., but It's a "tad" bit too small for me. For a little price difference and 2" more HAC36cm vs HAC32cm is Better value..IMO.

    BTW...the HAC makes us appears to be TALLER!!

    Let us know what have you decided. And BLACK is a great classic color!!
  5. I'd take the HAC but as I look above, it seems that only the HAC lovers are answering your questions. I would have expected to see the majority pointing you toward a 30.
  6. I am glad you posted this -- I want to order a black bag too and am torn between a birkin 35 and a HAC 32/36. For an everyday, not really dressy bag. I am thinking that since I have a couple of birkins, I should get a HAC. All of the ladies who have been posting photos of their HACs have me smitten. But then I worry if I will wish I had gotten the birkin. LOL
  7. I like the HAC a smidge more than the Birkin. :smile:
    But you have to purchase what makes you the most happy, HN. :smile:
  8. The HAC is the only Non Kelly H bag I would buy
    I just love the lines
  9. K Nuttynut, I appreciate and am facinated with the HAC as a kind of Hermes historical piece/design, and I have one in the 28cm size as well as a Birkin 30. I'm your size...maybe a smidgen taller, but have never thought of my bag size in relation to my own size.

    I can carry about any size bag, visually, but anything over a 28 or 30 Birkin just is too much handbag for the things I carry inside of it.

    That's my main consideration and when asked, I always suggest trying ( if possible ) the different sizes and go from there. Put your personal things inside....and do they all fit nicely?? Then buy the bag:tup:

    If they don't all fit the 28, buy the 30 ( two slightly different styles here, of course in the 28 and 30...but, the 30 is a little larger and holds more)
  10. Hmmm I can feel your agony trying to decide either to go with black 28 or 30 birkin or Hac. Fortunatelly I have the 30cm birkin and 32 Hac as well for for me to choose just one..that is quite difficult:p. But for everyday bag though since you like Hac better than birkin, I think 32 cm would be a perfect size for you. The 32 cm will give you enough room to carry your stuffs ( I love to use mine for work) and the weight is not a heavy as maybe a larger bag.

    I like the 30 cm birkin because it can go from day to night. The 28 might be a little tiny for everday bag..but it depends how much or what you carry in your bag.:flowers:
  11. ^^ ITA with Sweetea. I've also got a 30cm Birkiin and 32cm HAC . I think the HAC is great as an every day bag but would go with the 30cm for the same reason -- goes day to night,
  12. I'm 5'7'' and My HAC 32 is perfect for my proportions ( ummm significantly over 120 lbs. but under 200 lbs.).

    It's great for an everyday bag that transitions well for evening.

    But my next will be at B 30 or 35. OR another 32 HAC.
    I say go for the HAC they are less of them being produced....
  13. Last Friday I Was In The Hermes Store Triying To Decide Between A Gold Birkin 35 In Togo Or A Potiron Hac 32 In Chevre!
    I Had Just Bought A Used Grey 30 Birkin From eBay And Was There To Autentificate It. I Was So Lucky That Those Two Bags Where Avalaible In That Moment...
    I Finally Chose The 35 Birkin For Two Reasons: The Hac, That Was Lovely Too, Had The Handles A Bit Smaller, And I Was Afraid Maybe With Winter Coats It Will Be Too Unconfortable To Carry It???
    I Liked Togo More Than Chevre, And I Found Gold More Basic Colour.
    But Appart From The Handles, Both Shapes I Think Are Fantastic.
    Hope This Helps!
  14. Ugh it must have been a tough choice having to decide Gold 35 in Togo and A Potiron Hac 32 in Chevre!:nuts: I love Chevre and if the color would have been gold I would be really in trouble if I were in your position. But I think you pick a good choice. 35 gold birkin is classic and hard to come by and togo leather is gorgeous! Congrats BTW!!!,. Is the 35 has hw of gold or pall?
  15. I don't think your size should be an issue, its whatever you feel comfortable with and depends on how much stuff you carry around with you.

    Pls see a couple of pics below of a 30cm vs. 32cm vs 35cm to get a feel for the difference in sizes - hth