Basic Bag

  1. Hi All -

    After the holidays, I discovered I NEED a basic black bag. I could do an epi pochette with extender for holiday parties but I would love something a little bigger. Any thoughts on a great epi bag? I currently have the green denim GM baggy, onatah pochette, cabas piano, perfo speedy, mandarin speedy and that is it for handbags.

    Any thoughts!?!?
  2. Epi Passy:graucho:
  3. Jasmin would be nice :flowers:
  4. ooh! i would love to see what others suggest. i am interested in getting a basic black bag as well.
  5. I'm with Lee, my vote is for the Passy.
  6. ITA.. I love my bag.. :heart::heart::heart::heart:
  7. U HAVE MANDARIN SPEEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: even I have red one, I am still gonna say this dear .....


    ok, thats my madness, excuse me ... get the Epi Passy, they look gorgeous really :heart:
  8. i'm about to check the visual aids thread, but can someone please quickly tell me if the passy can be worn on the shoulder? tia. :smile:
  9. i tried it before, yes yes ... but its really depends on ur shoulder/hand size :p
  10. ooh! it looks like there is a passy gm that will fit over the shoulder. i'll have to check it out at the store. the smaller passy maybe a tight squeeze!
  11. Passy is sassy :biggrin:
  12. yes, go have fun!
  13. Passy for a shoulder bag and Jasmin for a hand held bag :yes:
  14. I think the Jasmin in black would be a great black bag
  15. Oooh, get the Passy! I love the Passy, it has such a nice shape! The Jasmin is also very nice.