Baseball Wives on VH1

  1. I agree. It's awful to be polite.
  2. It hasn't been on in 2 weeks, did they cancel it? lol
  3. I can't...does Anna Benson just throw a Birkin in an open fire pit in the preview for next week's episode????
  4. What?!?!?! It better be a firkin. Any clips of the scene?
  5. Maybe it's just me but this show is bad. I saw it last week and was bored.
  6. anna benson reminds me of karen from will & grace and I love her for it!
  7. is it over ? no show no reunion show
  8. Anyone watching? I am and Ev's bright green e/s has already made tuning in worth it.
  9. this is a repeat
  10. Is it? Well since RHATL was a bust tonight I'll watch this. Im not use to a drama free Sunday. lol
  11. I really got into this show and now i can't get the last episode to play (that along with Love & hiphop) Have they been cancelled?