Baseball Team Backs Up Britney !

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    [/FONT][FONT=verdana,helvetica]Aug 4, 2006, 11:00 AM PT

    [/FONT][FONT=verdana,helvetica]A minor league baseball team is stepping up to bat for Britney Spears.
    The Newark Bears announced plans to host Britney Spears Baby Safety Night on Friday in honor of the pop star who has been repeatedly slammed for her cavalier approach to driving with her toddler son.
    Spears first faced public wrath in February after she was photographed driving with her now 11-month-old son, Sean Preston, on her lap, rather than safely restrained in a car seat, as required by California law.

    The "Oops" singer later copped to making a bad decision, but ultimately blamed the "physically aggressive" paparazzi for putting her in a "horrifying, frightful" situation.
    She also defended herself, pointing out that as a child back home in Louisiana, she often sat on her father's lap while driving. "We're country," Spears stated.
    In May, she was again photographed in a less-than-ideal driving situation with Sean Preston strapped into his car seat, but facing forward rather than backward, as experts advise for children of his age and weight. The singer's rep spoke up in her defense, pointing out that Spears was in "total compliance" with legal guidelines, if not safety recommendations.
    Hopefully, by the time number two arrives, Spears will have polished her maternal motoring skills. If not, at least others may learn from her mistakes.
    On the team's official Website, the Bears said that the star's mishaps raised public awareness of an important issue.
    "The Bears know that it is Ms. Spears' celebrity that has brought attention to the fact that not all new mothers in New Jersey are 'not that innocent' when it comes to caring for their bouncing bundle of joy," the team said in a statement.
    Baseball fans who show up to Friday's showdown against the appropriately named Road Warriors will receive information on baby safety guidelines and a chance to win a free infant car seat from the American Automobile Association.

    The event will also feature a surprise appearance by a singing and dancing guest, whom the team would not name.
    Those willing to subject themselves to the humiliation of dressing up like a baby can get into the game for free. Those who bring babies (under the age of four) or baby toys will also have their admission fee waived.
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