Baseball Spirit Bag

  1. Hey Ladies.

    Just saw the Baseball Spirit Bag in this other Thread.. and I heard it also excistis in Black with white stiching anyone got pics and details on it?
    Would be lovely!

  2. I may be late on this but I was in L.A.'s Rodeo Drive boutique yesterday and I spotted it in black and white.

    I went into the store with a different bag in mind. They didn't have it. I spotted the "spirit" bag on the shelf and asked the SA for it. At the time I knew NOTHING about the bag except that it was TDF!!!! I had on black and silver so the bag matched perfectly.

    I stood in front of the mirror with it forever. I removed the stuffing. I really, really, really, wanted to walk away with it. It was all black with a white zipper and silver hardware. It was only labled as a "large tote" without the price tag. The SA informed me that it was $3,175.

    I loved it but had to leave the boutique empty-handed. I loved it so much so that I logged in to find out more about it. Because of this wonderful forum I now know it is labeled as the "baseball spirit" bag and that it also comes in blue and red.

    If I obsess enough about it... I'll get it.

    Anyone else have it?
  3. :yes:
    I thing the baseball spirit bag is the best one out of the whole collection. I love all colors, but have the baby cabas in black, so I am waiting for the blue and red. It's different, edgy and fun. I also think by the time people catch on to this fabulous bag it won't be around. Everyone is distracted by the flap colors, and reissues and have overlooked this bag.
  4. any pics ladies?
  5. I would like to see some pics...
  6. I saw the blue at the trunk show..CUTE BAG!!!!
  7. If you scroll down you will see the blue perforated bad with red zipper and lining. I got the bag yesterday and love it. I tried to send link but was unable to. It was pictured in the purseforum virtual trunk show on 1/30/08.