Baseball Game Bag?

  1. Here's a question I've been thinking about asking for awhile. My sons play baseball and so I go to watch their games. Well, this summer one of my boys is playing tournaments which means sitting in the hot dusty :yucky: bleachers for hours on end. Or, what about when you go to a major league game? What do you usually take? I do have a coach nylon backpack, but are these even still in style (I hope they are, but???)
  2. Hmm. Good question. I'd just take a bag that is easy to clean, or just pick up a cheapo at Target so if it gets dirty it's no big. Coach is lovely but only when clean :o) Whenever I go out to a game or to the beach I always just carry a small tote I bought at Target a couple of years ago. That way I don't have to worry about where I set it and if it gets dirty I just throw it in the wash!
  3. If you don't carry alot I would get a swingpack. That way it goes around your shoulder & waist & you don't have to put it down anywhere where it might get dirty. Katie had a good idea too.
  4. I tend to carry a lot, including my sunglasses in the case, a water bottle, sunscreen, and those type of things. Katie's idea is what I usually do, but when the tournament is in another city, there's usually time in between games to go to lunch, shopping, etc. So, I like to have my purse. I suppose I could leave it locked in the car and just take my necessities in the tote. Or, maybe a tote and a swingpack, hmmm.
    Thanks for the ideas!
  5. if your purse isn't too big, you could put it inside of the tote along with your sunnies and water bottle and whatnot
  6. I have a black nylon weekender tote from coach that I use for the beach, etc. Its really easy to clean and super cute.

    And although I dont recommend this. I also have a cadet blue signature hobo that is just faded and stained to high heaven. I use this when I dont want to worry about hurting the bag. I didnt even realize how faded my bag had become until I saw the matching wallet at the outlet. You wouldnt have even thought they were the same color to start with.
  7. Since Coach leather is so easy to clean, I'd probably get a soft duffle. It's versatile enough to carry on my shoulder or cross-chest, holds quite a lot and a soft cloth and a little moisturizer at the end of the day will take the dust off. I'd just get it in brown so it doesn't show very well before it gets cleaned off. :smile:
  8. Thw swingpack is a very good idea. Or maybe you could just go out to Target or any of those kinds of stores and grab one of those bags.
  9. Experienced softball Mom here. After 10 months of softball (indoor and out) I carry my gallery totes, backpack, and swingpack depending on how long I will be there. I have always picked brown and never had a problem with dirt and grime. The bag I loved most though was a Harve Chapelier (found at bloomingdales) and my Longchamp tote (also at Nordstrom and Saks).
    They can be wiped clean with babywipes and were alot less than my other bags.

    My first choice would be a longchamp, second the chapelier, third my Coach (only because I would freak if some kid spilled some gatorade on it).
  10. I have an 8 year old son that plays football, basketball and soccer and I purchased a swingpack to use for this games. It is also good to use at Six Flags. There have been times that I just use my skinny mini or a wristlet.
  11. i would buy a cute straw bag or something fun thats cheap but chic.
  12. I was a baseball stat in high school (graduated in '05) and always got filthy from being in the dugout with the team. I only would bring an easy to clean bag with me - I used my nylon Prada, but Coach has some nylon swingpacks in the outlets that are adorable! Also, I find the dark brown signature pretty durable, but I made sure not to bring any bags with vachetta leather on them!
  13. All the suggestions are great! Serendipity, I will look for the Longchamp tote that you suggested. I've actually done prob. all the suggestions over the course of the past 10 years of games, but I just started thinking about this last week when I forgot to switch to a tote and there was 103 degree sun beating down on my Coach bag:wtf:
    Question though - So do you think the nylon Coach backpack is too passe'? Does anyone use backpack type purses anymore?
  14. Hmm. I'm not sure why you would want to take a Coach to baseball games like that. I would just get some cheap tote bag from Target. I would not even get a Longchamp tote. They aren't really expensive, but they are still too costly to take around all that dust and heat like that. :smile:
  15. Swingpack is a great suggestion! Plus thet are bigger than they appear on the site. AND leaves your hands free for fly balls ;)