Baseball Fans? Yay Red Sox Won/Yankees Lost

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Go Red Sox! Yay Manny R!!
  2. YAY

  3. Ok last night the bugs did have something to do with the yankess losing. I am a huge yankee fan, but I am also not against the red soxx. May the best team win.
  4. We are a Red Sox house and are hugely anti-yankees :smile: (sorry), but my husband and I felt so bad for both the yankees and the indians last night! I couldn't believe the bug situation and they just battled through it! My husband kept saying "as much as I can't stand the Yankees, I feel really bad for them"! Especially their rookie pitcher...

    If that were me last night I would have run screaming and crying off the field! I hate bugs! And that was just incredible!!!
  5. After last nights Yankee game I thought about going and buying a bottle of booze - and I normally don't drink ,it is way too hard sometimes to love a team
  6. Trust me here...being a Red Sox fan all my life I can totally feel your pain!

  7. awwwwwww

    What is up w/ A ROD????:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  8. Bronx girl here! i am weeping :crybaby:
    OH! i HATE red sox!!:tdown:
  9. Hate the Red Sox too! Yanks are not playing well...
  10. Go Sox!! As soon as Manny hit that ball, I knew it was gone. It had a perfect home run sound. *crack!*

    And yeah, there were a lot of bugs, but it's not like the bugs disappeared when the Indians were under pressure. Both teams had to deal with them, and the Indians played a better game.

    Now, if only the Cubs would stop sitting on their asses and win, I'd be in heaven. Yankees losing and the Red Sox and Cubbies wining...that's good stuff!
  11. i LOVE baseball! .. and even though my team isn't there! :[ .. i've been routing for the red sox! ... & the indians! I CAN NOT STAND the YANKEES! i get such pleausre seeing them lose! haha! .. VERY exciting sox game last night! .. i would love to see the cubs winning, too! .. GO INDIANS! .. & RED SOX! :]
  12. I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan....last night's game was so good!
  13. Glad the Sox ended up winning. I turned it off last night. DH and I watched the Yankee game though. We are anti-Yankee, anti-Johnny Damon here too, but I always feel bad for the losing team's fans. Especially Yankee fans because like the Sox, they have such a solid fan base.


  14. Awww....I'm sorry. I'm like that w/ the Steelers...sometimes I can't even continue to watch the games....:push:
  15. GO RED SOX....Since my home team can't manage to do anything but blow games like a whore blows on the corner (yeah..I know that was harsh and rude:blush:) Ever since 75,86..(that one hurts for me too Red Sox Fans my Astros tanked it) and so on...I've been a partial Red Sox fans.
    Hurting for the Cubbies right now....:crybaby:....Is it next year yet?....I thought it would have been a great classic WS matchup with the Red Sox and Cubbies but I guess it wasn't meant to be. As for the Yanks....hmmmmm I can't say to censor button is on:censor:....hehe.

    By the way....can we bring the bugs to Yankee Stadium?....:woohoo: