baseball anyone?

  1. How about those Tigers!!! :yahoo: :wlae: :roflmfao:
  2. BOO HOO HOO! My Yanks are out of it.
  3. Go METS!
  4. Itsgood2beme, Can you believe the Tigers have taken the 1st 2 games in the ALCS on the road? It's so exciting. Jim Leyland for President!:yahoo: (maybe I got carried away)
  5. going to see the Mets tonight at Shea....GO METS!!!!
  6. Yea, BOXERMOM - right on, I saw that...."Leyland for President!"

    Go Tigers!!!
  7. Nevermind, I updated my signature but it didn't work - bummer, I will have to try again!
  8. Okay, my new signature line is up and running! Yippee!!
  9. Huge baseball fan here!
    I'm bummed about my Astros but I'm super excited to see how well the Tigers are doing.
    I'm really looking forward to the Cards/Mets series! Hope the weather holds out!
  10. :crybaby:I'm bummed the As lost two in a row after sweeping the Twins. Was so frustrated at Mark Ellis's replacement for 2nd base yesterday. :cursing: He made 2 errors in two games (while Ellis had 2 errors for the whole season!) Keeping my fingers crossed that As will make a come back...

  11. - yea, speaking of weather they announced a couple of hours ago that the game will be 4 hours earlier than originally scheduled - I think 4:30pm? Yea, it sucks to see any team eliminated! It's all a part of the game!
  12. Oh wow! Thanks for telling me!
    MLB Gameday: here I come!
  13. Ha!! Talk about your team being eliminated--we're also Cubs fans (Chicago will do that to you) and they eliminate themselves every season by about June!:cursing: So we're going back to our Michigan roots and cheer for the Tigers.:yahoo:
  14. BOXERMOM - yes, Chicago will do that -that's for sure!
  15. Oh yea, DETROIT (3) and the Oakland A's (0)

    ...ONE MORE GAME!!!!