Baseball anyone?

  1. Man, it's good to be a DETROIT Tiger's fan right about now!!! Man, so much hoopla about those Yankee's and then they visit to Detroit and get their pants knocked off -oh yea!!!!!

    Serves them right, especially for the rained out game a couple of nights ago - when they knew all along they wouldn't play and made the Tigers stay there for NOTHING!

    Go TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Hey, where in Illinois are you? We just moved to NC after many years in suburbs nw of Chicago. And I was watching the Tigers beat the Yankees today--how great is that??!! Both hubby and I were born in Michigan and still have family there.
  3. Oh yea, go Detroit!!! I live in the western suburbs, Elmhurst. I too grew up in Michigan. North Carolina is big change from Chicago. Hope you are enjoying life in the South! At least I see you haven't lost your Michigan roots -go TIGERS!!!!!! :party:

    See ya Yankee fans!!!!!!!:drinks:
  4. When I lived in Elk Grove Village (eons ago) I would drive down your way to Oak Brook shopping center--boy, has that place changed!

    Husband and I are so pumped about the Tigers :yahoo: and especially happy they won 3 straight against those "damn Yankees"--the baseball playoffs need a team from the midwest :yes: .

    NC has a lot going for it, but the humidity is brutal:sweatdrop: and I miss the change of seasons, especially NOW--where's my autumn color :hysteric: ???
  5. Congrats on your win. My Dh and I were impressed how the players shared the win with fans so much.
  6. Even Though I Am A Yankees Fan. Someone Has To Win & It Was Detroit. I Wish Them The Best!!! & I Mean That!!! :smile:

    Boxermom, Where Are You In NC? I'm In Charlotte (Also Transported Here). There Are So Many Yankees Fans Here. Most Of My Neighbors. I Have A Neighbor Who Is A Met (Down The Street)....& You Can Here The Screaming From His House! LOL!
  7. Bagluv, we are in Southport, actually a development outside of town called St. James Plantation. I have met so many people from NY and NJ here--it's like metro NYC south!

    You Yankee fans are good sports to wish the Tigers well. Yankees always seem to be in the playoffs, and the Tigers not so much. Being from IL, we enjoyed the White Sox winning the World Series last year. (We won't talk about the Cubs)
  8. I don't follow baseball all that much aside from the Red Sox, but I am definitely rooting for the DETROIT TIGERS! I love cats, there's a big "D" on their caps, Detroit is a fun city (some parts anyway) and I usually cheer for the underdog. Same thing goes for football. If there's a feline mascot involved, they have my support. Silly, huh?
  9. Yay, Danielle--I'm with you on rooting for underdogs.

    By the way, I think ABQ is a city I'd like to re-visit. Didn't have enough time driving thru. Just got to see the old area and the neat shops.
  10. I am not sure who I'd like to see win the World Series this year, probably Oakland or Detroit! But it sure is refreshing to see some different teams going so far this year! Not like my hometown team will be making the playoffs during my lifetime!!!
  11. Boxermom ~ Southport Is Beautiful!!! I Love The NC (& SC) Coast(s). I Miss The Ocean (More Full Time!).

    Yes! A Lot Of NY & NJ Here. I Have Met A Lot Of People From South California, Too!!! There Are People From All Over, It's Nice! :smile: