Base Shapers...Do you use them & where do you buy?

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  1. A few of my bags seem to be losing their shape, wondering if you use base shapers does it help & where can I buy them for Chanel Bags? TIA:smile:
  2. Options in this thread: Best Purse Organizers and Shapers for Chanel
    Mostly - the same options - but more recent thread: Organizer for jumbo?

    Organizers, i.e. Divide & Conquer (on etsy), are available w/stiff bottoms which work as base shapers.

    Additional threads on base shapers:
    What can I get to prevent the bottom of my satchel from sagging?
    How to stiffen bag bottom


  3. Thank you so very much!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.