Base shaper for speedy

  1. I have decided to make my own instead of getting one off eBay for $20 + shipping. Could somebody give me measurments for a good size cardboard/plastic to use inside the Speedy 30? Thanks!
  2. I just cut a shoe box and put cloth over it. Taped the cloth on the bottom, so it couldn't be seen.
  3. Just trace the bottom of your bag. then trim it just a tad smaller.
  4. Here is a great trick I learned here. I take an empty DVD case and open it up and lay it flat. It fits my Mini Lin speedy 30 perfect. No sag at all.
  5. DVD case, great idea I am going to try it tonight.
  6. I've thought of making a base also, but I just stuck a book that was about the same size as my Speedy 30, and it does the job :smile:

    Must try that DVD case idea, I've heard about it in this forum, but didn't exactly know what was up.
  7. i use a shoe box. or if you wanna go fancier you could use the base of the soft folding boxes that LV gives out (gotten one with my mirage speedy and mc speedy).
  8. I put a magazine.
  9. Well, I purchased the Speedy base shaper on eBay and I think it is great. $20.00 is nothing compared to the thousands I spend on handbags, shoes, and clothing. I believe the seller is a TPF member and so I was glad to purchase it. I'm thinking of getting another one!
  10. Yes, I bought one each for my 25 and 30 and I love them! Although sometimes I think I like a bit of sag in my bag, so I don't use them all the time.
  11. I like the sag! ;)
  12. When I'm feeling "un-saggy", I just use the cover of a shoebox but the length was shorter than my speedy 40..
  13. I love the sag! I think it's part of the Speedy's charm:smile:
  14. I use a thin piece of craft foam. Just cut it to match the size of the bottom of your speedy. The brown color blends in with the interior canvas. It gives the bag structure without looking too stiff (you can double the thickness if you really want it stiff) and is almost weightless. I have 4 speedies & they all have it. :smile: (Oh, & it protects the bag from minor spills).