Base shaper for Neverfull

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  1. I just got my canvas one with the rounded corners and it's amazing
  2. Hi sinyard, just wondering if you got yours from ebay? if so, which seller?

    I've read feedback of some base shapers not fitting the bag!

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    Last edited: Jul 1, 2010
    agree! i have the same one and its great! from jcp....some time ago

  4. I bought the Purseket originally for my Speedy 30, but realized that it fits my NF much better and prevents the sag from the side where the pouch is. So I'm getting the Hippiegal shaper for my Speedy and will keep the Purseket with the NF when it comes back from the "hospital."
  5. Just adding in my personal findings regarding base shapers for my LV Neverfull GM. Hoping this maybe will help someone who is considering purchasing a base shaper off E*bay...

    - Base shaper that I bought from E*ay seller (My_Fortuna) did NOT fit my bag. It was too small & shifted around in the bottom of my bag. (Side note: In all fairness, this seller does have excellent customer service and refunded my purchase almost immediately after I sent them pictures showing how the base shaper did not fit.)

    - Base shaper that I bought from E*ay seller (fabulousbird) DID indeed fit my bag almost perfectly. The base shaper locked underneath the canvas piping inside the bottom of my bag, preventing the shaper from shifting. Also, IMHO this seller offers the shaper at a fair price and has quick shipping.
  6. I went to lowes I took the measurements to my bags that I wanted to keep shape.They cut the plexiglas for me then I went to a fabric store and got different fabric and hot glued it around and I had a base shaper for less than 8 bucks it doesn't bend and it looks really cute
  7. You can either try DIY one using a thick cardboard, make you trim the corners so that it is rounded. The dimensions for a Neverfull MM is 12 x 6 or you can buy a ready-made base shaper from CloverSac which is light-weight and it comes with rounded corners, this company specialise in making base shapers.
  8. A base shaper is a must have if you owned a neverfull mm
  9. I don't know. I bought an acrylic base shaper and really didn't like the way the bag stuck out from my body when I used it. Unless you truly want a super rigid base, I don't think it's needed, myself.