Base shaper for Neverfull

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  1. Thanks everyone. I have decided to order a base shaper:smile:
  2. I don't use a base shaper and I don't find that it sags too much either.
  3. nope
  4. I don't use one either, I think it's fine on its own.
  5. ^^^now I'm jonesing for cupcakes again....
  6. ^Lol!! The more time you spend in this forum, the more you'll want cupcakes, then! :ninja: :lol:
  7. I may have to put you on ignore sweetie! I'm going rafting this weekend and want to fit into my bathing suit!:lol:
  8. Haha!
    Or maybe turn off signatures until then. :P
    Luckily, I look at the pics and am somewhat satiated haha...sometimes, not all of the time. Hah.
  9. we can turn off siggies? oh my.....:graucho:
  10. ^Lol, yessss. It's such a good feature. But I like some signatures, too bad we can't be choosy about which ones we want to see. Oh well.
  11. How do you like your base shaper? And, any suggestions on where to get one for my NF MM? Is ebay the only source? TIA!
  12. I have 3 diff size of base shaper, and it pretty much fits its into the speedies of diff sizes, and the NF MM. I prefer NOT to use a base shaper for my NF MM. B/C I put alot of stuff into it, and not having one makes my bag easier to carry IMO. And I prefer the sloucy-er look to my NF MM. However, works wonderfully in my speedies.
    Get it off Eb*y, or actual sites of those sellers.
  13. I have one and really like it. I didn't like the way the bottom sags when I had too much in it. I also bought it on Bay.
  14. i got one and love it. i got mine on ebay. it was $15 i think. it fits perfectly. since i have the Damier NF i got a red one. works great. i have before/after pics of the bag with & without the shaper, showing the difference in the sag. i will post once i get the chance.
  15. ok here are the pics (this is for LV Damier Neverfull MM)

    pics of inside, with base shaper at the bottom. it fits pretty well

    here is a pic of the bag full of stuff (wallet,makeup bag, water bottle, etc). Sides cinched in, NO BASE SHAPER. notice the sag.

    here is a pic of the bag with same stuff in, WITH SHAPER.

    now here is a set of pics, bag holding same stuff, with the sides of bag not cinched.

    before (NO BASE SHAPER)

    after (WITH BASE SHAPER)

    anyway for some people (like my husband), they cannot even notice the difference (lol) but for someone like me who has some OCD with her bags, i totally notice it!

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