Base Shaper & Bag Organizer?

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  1. Hello!

    I normally get a base shaper for all of my LV bags, however I want to try out one of the bag organizers I see a lot of people use with their neverfull! For those who have the bag organizer, is a base shaper still needed when you have the organizer in the bag? Or does the organizer also serve as somewhat of a base shaper? I have no issue getting both but don't want to if it would be unnecessary or redundant to have both.

    Thank you for the help!
  2. I find that if you use a Samorga organizer, since it's made of a pretty thick felt, it is enough to prevent sagging in my NF and my speedy.

  3. Thank you! This is very helpful! [emoji16]
  4. I think an organizer would be fine without a base shaper in the Neverfull. What size Neverfull do you have? has some great options available for purse organizers.
  5. Usually the organizers also function as a base shaper, unless it's a super soft organizer.

  6. I have the MM ...I was watching som videos on the organizers from a brand called Original Club and then found the Samorga ....would you know the quality difference? Are they the same?
  7. Definitely don't need both. I love my samorga !!!
  8. I had a base shaper in my NF. Then I purchased a Samorga organizer for my NF. Although u can get away without using a base shaper with the Samorga, I prefer having it still in there because I bought the thinner Samorga. So if ur looking for more structure get the thicker one.
  9. I don't own either type; I do have the GM and the Extra Jumbo Purse Bling Zippered Organizer is awesome :smile:
  10. Thank you all for your input! Bag organizer it is! ❤️
  11. I just ordered a bag organizer from 47th Heaven on Etsy for my SC. She has wonderful organizers and she is a pleasure to work with. You can also pick from many colors.
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