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  1. HURRY~~
    I JUST ORDERED MINE~:yes: yay~~:party:

    TEL 310-276-4400
    SA : Thomas
  2. OOPS~~Typo
    I was too excited to let you guys know :shame:
  3. check the leather carfully, my SA Chris told me out of the 5 they had on Tuesday 3 were good and 2 were veiny and thin. Mine came Thursday and the leather was amazing. Nanaz got hers yesterday and her leather was great too. I LOVE my Shrug, wish I would have gotten one sooner. Now I want a Magenta one.
  4. Should I call him back and make sure it is not veiny??
    Oh I saw Magenta shrug on Ebay..
    Thanks for point that out Donna~~:yes:
  5. How much did you pay for the shrug on sale? I just found my first bbag - a Day/Hobo bag and I may be at the end of my budget - I think??;) I may try to call tomorrow if the price is right - then I'm on a ban until March!!
  6. :yahoo: Congrats Lulu!!! You got your ink:love:
  7. It is $599 +tax+$12 Shipping :yes:
  8. Thanks..I Just got this bcoz it's on sale..Congrats I saw you got magenta city I was looking at that but I did not like to pay with money order so I let it pass this time..but glad that you got it~;)
  9. That's a great price. I may call tonite to see if they have anymore.