Barton admires Blanchett!

  1. Oooh, I love Cate Blanchett. Especially her portrayal as Galadriel in LOTR.
  2. me too! love her!
  3. Kate Blanchett has this sophistication and ethereal feel to her.
  4. i :heart::heart::heart: Cate Blanchett, especially in Elizabeth :love:
  5. Cate Blanchett is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood! (second only to Liv Tyler, of course!) And it's not just the looks, she's an amazing actress. I first fell in love with her in Elizabeth. She was breathtaking in that film.

    BTW, Mischa can only DREAM of being even in the same league as Cate!
  6. :yes: I totally agree!:yes:
  7. Here, here!! :drinks: