Bart is facing the threat of losing his DL: Is there any point in fighting it??

  1. Oohhhh boy, things don't seem to be going too good for us lately....

    I spent last night in the hospital due to bleeding and then Bart gets caught speeding (200 in a 80 construction zone) by one of those stupid machines they put up on the side of the road on his way home from Geneva. :push:

    I've mentioned before that B owns his own business selling MRI and Biopsy machines and he is gone a lot visiting different hospitals and conventions.

    He basically lives out of his car. He is always on the road and drives to many of the locations that he has to go to...He and his business cannot afford to lose his drivers license. He called me up right after it happened, clearly very upset. My cousin Marcus was also caught at this very same construction zone and lost his DL for 2 months.

    I know that he should have been paying more attention, but I can understand that he probably didn't see the sign ...Now we're just trying to figure out what we should do about this. 2+ months of not being able to get to his clients would kill his business...Jeez louise.

    Do you all think there is a point in hiring a lawyer to fight it?? We know that the letter saying what needs to happen is going to come eventually (probably next week) but I think it'd be smart of him to start the process rolling now. Urgggg :cursing:
  2. Sorry to hear about your bleeding...I hope everything is all right.

    Can't help with the other stitutation, don't know anything about German laws...I hope it works out for him.
  3. Thank you :smile: Was just posting an update in my preg. thread about it...They determined I was fine, so I'm very relieved...Just got to take it easy for a bit!

    I have no clue about Geman laws either, but my cousin also got a lawyer when he was going to lose his for 2 months but it didn't do anything. He was trying to get a "time-restriction" thing...So he could still go to work, but nothing else. We'll just have to see what happens!
  4. i am sorry about your physical problems and glad to hear that you and the baby are ok.

    sorry about the ticket but i want to ask if you meant 200mph in an 80mph zone? i have heard autoban speeds are crazy but 200mph blows my mind. is this correct or am i being stupid?
  5. I was timid to ask as well...fearing the 'stupid stamp'...but I have the same question. And...if it is 200mph...those poor construction workers!!! Yikes!!:confused1: :nuts:
    VERY GLAD you're ok!!! That is MOST important...thanks for the update!:heart:
  6. people can usually get permits to drive for work.
    if nothing else :smile:
  7. was it 200 kmph? or mph?
  8. i imagine it's kmph.. if you thought you were still on the autobahn i guess that's an easy mistake to make. i hope it wasn't mph, that's about 320kmph :wtf:

    a similar thing happened to my cousin (but in finland and i think they're the worst anywhere with stuff like that.. the fines are insane. he was going 180 on a country road where he should've been doing 60 or 80 or so.. you aren't even allowed to do 180 on the motorway, the highest legal speed anywhere is 120) and he had his dl back pretty quickly.. might have been a couple of months though, i'm really not sure.
  9. So sorry to hear this.
    I'm so glad to hear that you and the baby are fine :flowers:
    and I really hope your husband's problem gets solved very soon *fingers crossed for you*
  10. WOW..thats so sad!Sorry to hear of your probs..ALWAYS get an cant hurt..can it?Perhaps if he pleas that he needs to work using his car.They may allow him to drive during business hours only...Good luck and FEEL BETTER!
  11. My first thought was he was in a low flying jet. lol

    If they don't allow him to drive for work (could be claimed a financial
    hardship if they take it away) could he hire a driver for that time period?
  12. Hiring an attorney would be the best. That way you know that all aspects are covered.

    Sorry to hear about you being in hospital. Hope you are all better now.
  13. Thanks for your kind words everyone :heart:3 I am feeling much better, and it's great to be pampered, lol. Bart was upset that he wasn't here last night to be with me, so tonight I'm getting the extra special treatment! :biggrin: Foot massages, hot cocoa...he even shaved my legs for me, lol. Now that's love!

    I'm sorry that I didn't make it clear which speed he was going, lol. 200 Kilometers/hour, not miles! :smile: That's around 120 mph...Not too uncommon here :biggrin: I already fly down the autobahn in my little Golf at 170, so getting to 200 is no problem for his BMW, lol.

    We got a good lawyer recommendation this evening from our neighbor, so B will be calling on Monday morning since he will be home. Thank you everyone!!
  14. My boyfriend drives so bad and has so many tickets. He still has his license he just calls his lawyer.
  15. In this case, I'd recommend a lawyer. They can often make a plea and get it reduced. Are you sure this one ticket will cause him to lose his license? Even if he does lose it, most municpalites allow you to apply for a hardship license which you can use for school and work only.