Barrett's or Sabrina

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  1. Need help in deciding which to purchase. I saw a post with the beautiful Barrett in magenta, it is gorgeous even though I am unsure about the size. I also like the ideal of a magenta Sabrina when it becomes available. Please gals which one would you get. Thanks in advance. LB
  2. sabrina, i love her sooo much
  3. Magenta Sabrina is available now to order through JAX. She can also be purchased w/the current PCE. I'm also liking both bags.
  4. It's a tough choice. I haven't seen Sabrina in real life, but I think she is much larger than the Barrett. I like the little pleats in front of the Sabrina, but for me, I prefer the plain-ness (is that even a word) of the Barrett. I love the 2 littl side turnlock pockets of the Barrett, which will be great for me to put my keys, cell phone, change, etc. in. I did a search and here's some comparison pics (Sabrina pics courtsey of other tpf members).


    Barrett (sorry for the dirty mirror)




    Barrett (I'll try to get a better one up later)


    I didn't realize it until now how much bigger the Sabrina is than the Barrett. The leather on the Sabrina also looks much more pliable. Hmmmmm........................................, now I'm not so sure anymore.
  5. I'm on the same boat as you!! I can't decide which i want to get for PCE!! I like them both...
  6. It's so hard to choose because they are both gorgeous! I do love the Barrett and I think it is very unique but I guess I'd have to say go with Sabrina because she's bigger and bigger is better as far as I'm concerned.
  7. I also love them both and certainly cannot pick a favourite.
  8. I'd definitely vote for the Sabrina. Love the look of that leather!
  9. hi, i have the sabrina in cranberry/magenta and also in black in medium size. I am ordering the barret using PCE. I think one of the sabrina will go back to Coach. I like the size of sabrina but the leather is a bit shiny, not as a classic as the barret. I think sabrina is bigger in size, but trendy, but barrett is more classic. i'm waiting for my barrett to ship. I will post pictures of the two bags side by side.
  10. Hmmmm...tough call. I'm loving both bags! But I guess it all depends on the size you're looking for! Christylou--:tup: nice job on the research!
  11. I like the Barrett better....but I would like more color offerings in it.
  12. Can Barrett be ordered w/PCE? I know Sabrina can since it's part of the Madison line. But Barrett is part of the new Legacy line which is excluded.
  13. LOVE THE BARRETT!! GORGEOUS, UNIQUE AND CLASSY!! :heart::tup: Though I, too, wish their was more of a color choice...maybe they will offer more if it takes off, and I think it will. I think it looks snazzier than the Sabrina. (in my op.)

    By the way, thanks so much for posting modeling pics!!

  14. Personally I vote for the Sabrina, but I've not see either IRL. I just happen to like a slouchier bag and the Sabrina just looks amazing - I have her ordered in the green patent so will post pics as soon as she shows up!
  15. :woohoo:BARRETT:woohoo: