Barrett shoes HURT or is it just me?

  1. I received two pairs of barrett tennis shoes and is it just me, but do they hurt? It is mainly the back cuts a little into my foot from being so hard, but only when I walk. I am SURE they are the right size but I feel like they could give me a blister! Is it the shoes? Do they just need to be "broken in"? Or is it just me?
  2. They probably need to be broken in. Are you wearing socks with them?
  3. Yup! Yet it still hurts like heck!
  4. then maybe they need to be broken in. i have 2 pairs and they're comfortable on me.
  5. The other thing I do is still wear a band-aid where the shoe hits on the back of my heel under my socks. Hope this helps, also look in the aisle where they sell all the shoe inserts and sometimes they have things that will help with blisters too.
  6. The male version or BURKE hurts too. It literally RIPPED my ankle open. I have to wear a band-aid to break them in.
  7. Coach flats make the back of my heels bleed! I now use Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz and they work great. No more pain!
  8. I had a pair of silver metallic Baby Phat flats do the same thing. I wore them for the first time last week during a shopping spree to Union Square in SF and by the end of the evening, I was literally hobbling along as the back of the shoe had cut into my left ankle:sad: It's now a week later and my ankle is still a bit sore so that I'm unable to wear my new Coach flats unless I wear them with a rubber heel guard/pad. I got the rubber heel guard/pads from a shoe SA at Macy's who took pity on me.
  9. Yes they totally dug into the back of my ankle-I wore them on a trip to NYC & after walking a zillion blocks I was in so much pain- I couldn't wait to get back to our room to take them off. I wore my janessas and was pain free the rest of the trip.
  10. I had a pair of these in the khakis optic and I sent them off to the goodwill because everytime I would wear them they would hurt so bad that I couldnt even walk. I even tried stretching them out with those shoe things (the things mostly males use i forgot the name) but it didnt work. I gave up on them. I wore them about 6 times and then sent them off.... I tried to fight it becuase they were so cute but I knew I wasnt going to wear them! The katelyns however are sooooo comfy!
  11. I have owned two pairs of Barrett's style in the past and after they were broke in I didn't have a problem. Coach shoes are stylish however not the most comfortable/well made shoes. I only wish they made their shoes as good as how they make everything else.
  12. I own a few pairs and I always wear mine to disneyland and they are comfy to walk all over the park.
  13. I have two pairs of these and they are so comfy. You may have to break them in with thicker socks. Or just wear two pairs of socks. Wear them around your home for a week or so. This should stretch it out a little.