Barrell duffel bags

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  1. I found different sizes in the luggage section online. are the small ones similar to the speedy/doctor bags that gucci used to have? the doc bags are considered vintage on eBay, so i'm thinking the barrel bags come close to looking like the vintage ones.

    what do you think?
  2. I just bought this off eBay for $167!!! I hope it looks like that picture of mary kate's gucci you posted. I looks huge but its 13x9. I'll keep you posted. It was listed as a duffle.
  3. Check out the auction. Actually it was listed as a "dufle", thats why i got it for cheap. And because this bag is ancient! Does anyone know what decade its from or the style name? I want to be educated on my piece of Gucci history when i carrry it. I hope its not too huge. Is it like a speedy 30 size? What do you think?

    eBay: Gucci Dufle Handbag (item 150020094580 end time Aug-14-06 16:20:23 PDT)
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