1. Has anyone ever order online from Barneys? They canceled my order after 5 days (it kept saying 'preparing for shipment', and today it said canceled). I am trying to call the number they have on the website for customer service, but it's always busy. You dial it, it says it will direct you to the operator and then after a click you hear a busy signal. I called the store, they gave a different number, but it still directs me to that 'operator' with the busy signal. I also sent an email about my order. No reply.

    So frustrating!!!
  2. That is really frustrating!! Barney's is notorious for poor customer service. I don't think I've ever ordered from their website but I have ordered over the phone directly from Barneys in NY and it was about five days from the time I ordered the bag until it was shipped and I had a terrible time trying to get a tracking number from them.
  3. I ordered 5 bags from Barney's in two different orders. All 5 were canceled. I can understand one not available BUT all 5 not being available. It took about 2 weeks of checking the website and my orders to find out they had been canceled. I can't imagine me ever ordering from them again. I have much better luck with NM even though a lot of people don't.
  4. I had a similar experience while ordering from Barneys a few months back. Was the item your ordered on sale? If so, it could be backlogged.

    Perhaps, they are experiencing a flood of calls due to the post holiday season. Try calling again in a couple days.

    That said, I did end up canceling my order. I hope you need not do that!
  5. It was a sale item, Miu Miu boots, to be exact. I ordered size 10, and then went again on the website, and size 10 was no longer available. I assumed I got them :smile:.

    I never dealt with Barneys before. I can't believe their phone number is busy!!! It's Barneys, after all!! Can't they invest into a phone system that puts people on hold? I, too, never had problems with NM or Saks.
  6. I ordered a pair of Lanvin spectator pumps online & i got the item within 5 days. It was on sale, too. I was trying to contact them to ask about a handbag but I had the same trouble getting hold of someone on the phone.

    Maybe you could try calling the stores instead. Goodluck.
  7. Ordering from Barneys online is a frustrating process. They do not let you know if your order is canceled until several days/weeks later!! I believe that they cancel orders just so their employees/friends and family can get the item first. I placed an order when it showed that there were 11 MIU MIU bags in stock. Two weeks later, my order was cancelled. When I called customer service, they said it was because it was out of stock. One time an order of mine was canceled just because I placed two orders on the same day. They made it their own judgement, not from my credit card company to cancel BOTH of the orders! They did not even contact me before canceling the order! I was very angry, because I could not reorder the item again. Reason: It was out of Stock!!:cursing:
  8. Yes, in Dec., I had two sale Miu Miu bags cancelled by them. I just ordered another sale Miu Miu so let's see how long it takes them to cancel this one on me. :rolleyes:
  9. I just placed another MIU order too. Right now, Quantity says 9 available. I will be AMAZED if I am one of the lucky ones!
  10. I adore Barneys' but their online service sucks. Really not up to par compared to Saks or Neimans.

    After they canceled my orders and placed me on hold for a really long time, I simply called my SA and had her locate and ship out my items for me.

    It also turns out that the items that Barneys claims were out of stock online were all available in other stores! So perhaps, it's better to shop in the actual stores?

    Good luck!
  11. That really stinks -- I'd think twice before ordering from them knowing this. The must have really bad order/inventory software to make that many mistakes. You were really thinking this through, too weren't you? I'm so sorry.
  12. [​IMG]

    anyone saw this at barney
  13. Yes, I was... Oh, well. I'll try calling the stores now to see if they have anything, although I doubt it. Now I really want these boots!!!!! :smile: Forbidden fruit is always sweeter :smile:
  14. Raya -- I know I know !! The Prada purse I just got isn't the one I really wanted and that one -- heck I had it as my avatar for awhile I was so bummed at missing it (they told me they only had a few in all the stores and I didn't believe them -- then it was gone in a wink!)

    If it's meant to be you'll find them, otherwise, something absolutely fabulous is just waiting for you, I know !!
  15. Thanks, Jen! I love this forum because who else would console me about not buying a 6th pair of expensive shoes in the last 3 weeks?? :graucho: