Barney's Wharehouse sale

  1. does anyone know if the Barneys wharehouse sale will have handbags? also is it Barney's co op too with brands like philip lim and marc by marc jacobs or just upscale designers? Thanks
  2. is the one this august?
  3. they have both Barneys and co-op brands at the warehouse sale. i posted up a link for when it was but somebody said it was probably last year's link. if they do it during the same week, then i THINK it will start this coming thursday - but definitely get a second opinion on that because i'm not sure.
  4. It starts on August 8th. :smile:
  5. ^ 8th? I thought it's 16th.
  6. oh cool. i've been waiting for this.
  7. ^we're talking 2 different things in here hahaha
    The one in NYC starts aug 16 if i'm not wrong.
  8. haha okay so atleast two people have said the 16th so im geuessing thats for NYC. i can't wait!! anybody know what time it starts?
  9. It starts the 16 at 8am in NYC. I'm going to try to go, but it will be my first time. How pushy is the crowd there? Is there alot of waiting to get in? Will they have Louboutins?
  10. I'm pretty sure that they have the handbags there as well as clothing, etc.
  11. Where is it? Is it in the same location as this Feb. Wharehouse sale in NYC?
  12. Here you go...
  13. I'll be in NY end of this month. May be it'll be gone by then. Sigh *_*