Barneys webshop ... sale when?

  1. I'm eyeing this cute thing :heart: since forever and don't want to pay full price as I think it is heavily overpriced... but am I waiting in vain?

    Any 'savvy' pple out there?
  2. aah, just saw the thread just below. Shucks, seems my fancy isn't included in the sale. Oh, well.
  3. i went to the store just half an hour ago and saw some MJ quilt bag on sale to 900 bucks from 1500. not bad but the second floor with a ton of clothes. got some great deals on Marc Jacobs clothes....awesome! def. 30% off but site sux, no codes! not much on sale....but you can call to check with the store...they do take phone order. good luck everyone!
  4. hey playaddict -- do you recall which quilted styles u saw?? thanks!

  5. hmm Barneys never has the good stuff on sale. . .