Barney's Warehouse Sale

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  1. Opinions on the barney's warehouse sale? I found a Marc Jacobs dress which was $100 MORE than what I have found elsewhere. Seems to be that most of the discounts are not too hot especially now when you can get real deals at Gilt etc.
  2. If you do a board search, there is already another thread about the Barneys sale.

    As for me, I haven't been this year, but I did go to the last one. I found a MJ skirt I liked but passed. Lucky for me, I went to Off Fifth and there was an entire rack of the same skirt for $25 less than Barneys was charging at the Warehouse sale. I'm not tempted to make the drive to downtown LA if I can get the same stuff for less elsewhere.
  3. Ah sorry, will make sure to search... it's my first visit....