Barneys Warehouse Sale Starts!

  1. I just started screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but then I realized, it doesn't start in New York until Feb. 15th :yahoo:And though I'm on a purchase ban, I've been very good and can look around.
  2. What about ONLINE: Do they have sales for that?
  3. Other than the usual sales items on-line, I don't think so.
  4. What cities have the sale?
  5. Sooo.....if I go the first day, how early do I need to get there? How many hours do you think I'll have to wait in line?
  6. Honestly, I really never did too well at the NYC Barney's sale. It is always a mad house and the prices are never really that great. I have done better in store at their designer 60-70% off sales which happen directly after Christmas. Did not make it this year but last year I purchased some Prada and some cashmere and a beautiful and warm fur trapper hat.
  7. I am so excited....I think it depends where you live. I go to the Santa Monica location (LA based) and I don't think it's that mad, but I may be wrong.
  8. Btw. ladies there are no dressing rooms - people will strip down to their underwear and everything - I highly recommend wearing something tight fitting so you're not left wondering if something fits. Oh yeah, and its a mad house. I did love the men's section though. (Probably an okay place to pick up a young I banker or attorney).
  9. going after work.....:p
  10. ^ me too!
  11. I just got back from the sale. I rushed there during lunch time. It was pretty crowded and everything was pretty much picked over. I walked out w/ nothing. I wear 7.5 sz shoes and there was absolutely nothing cute. Honestly, the prices weren't that great either. I tried to find a cute top, dress, and/or skirt but I didn't see anything worth picking up.

    Hopefully everyone had better luck than I did! If so, please share!
  12. ^ i hear they replenish quite a bit. Did you see this while you were there?
  13. I was at the sale earlier and I didn't find too much as far as clothes, but I did find a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes. My husband found a few Zegna and Armani shirts and he was happy. :yahoo:

    I overheard from someone that there were 200 purses but after about 1/2 hour, only a few left. I also heard there were a few BBags and Spy Purses. Oh well,maybe next time. Better luck to everyone else!
    marc jacobs 1.JPG marc jacobs 2.JPG
  14. Oooooh, any idea how much the bags were going for??