Barney's Warehouse Sale Started today?! in LA

  1. I'm heading over there right now, at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. Check the Barney's website for more info. Gotto go!:nuts:
  2. **** me i cant believe i missed the first day!!!!:rant: ive been thinking about it all month....
  3. is this for all the Barney's store or just the one in LA?
  4. the website made it seem like just LA and NYC. If you go there it gives the dates and stuff.
  5. are there any handbags/shoes? or is it just clothes?
  6. I saw lots of stuff that was on sale during the final clearance in stores last month, for about the same price. Nothing too exciting. I did see a Men's Gucci dress shirt for $39 but passed on it. Lots of shoes, but mostly what was left over from the in store sales and not as cheap as the Saks and NM sales. I was looking specifically for pants and they didn't have as big of a selection as previous warehouse sales. I went late this year, usually I go the morning of the 1st day and there's lots of stuff... the good stuff must have gotten taken during the day today.
  7. I went last year the first day... it was incredible. I almost got ran over by a woman with purple hair and an armful of YSLs and Choos. I had to dive into a pile of loafers!

    Wish I was there!
  8. Yes! It's definitely a madhouse. People have no propriety when they're in the warehouse. Elbows everwhere! LOL. :lol:

    I was going to get a cute Splendid top but it fell off my hanger while I was shopping... It was gone for only a minute and I retraced my steps but alas, it was gone forever! :sad:
  9. man, those shoppers can be vicious.. well, there's always a next time..
  10. Gotta love Barneys!!! (no apostrophe)...I'm headed that way...