Barneys Warehouse Sale Online

  1. Never got an email either..

    and now I'm kicking myself because I clicked on an amazing lanvin wallet and of course it's already sold out :pullhair:
  2. Thanks! Glad you love yours! I saw them at Saks during the winter and loved them, but, promised myself I would wait until they went on sale (not believing I would either have the detective skills/patience to track them down when they were.)

    Got my email that the order was processed, so, here's to it being delivered and not in some hideous, one-left/returned by a smoker with a fondness for spaghetti dinners condition :roflmfao:
  3. They didn't have much at all. It was mainly Barney's own merchandise.
  4. I had to get up at 4AM because of my business trip. The email came around 3AM and nothing much at all...Found YSL tribtoo pumps but none in my size.
  5. Not much, and final sale. I will not buy final sale.
  6. I'm so annoyed that they cancelled the LA warehouse sale for this useless online sale... there's nothing good on it!
  7. They are not doing the LA warehouse sale? I was waiting for the announcement. maybe they will go straight to the outlets..
  8. Yea Barneys is a total disappoinment
  9. only new york will have the sale this year, so they'll probably get all the good stuff that wasn't listed online.
  10. Even further reductions taken. Got Lanvin pumps for 72% off :smile:
  11. ^ everything I liked was gone :sad: they had a handful of Loubies too, all gone
  12. I just scored a pair of lanvin ballet flats for $130, shocker! I will try not to get excited until I get a shipping confirmation though. I hope my stuff arrives in good condition. Anybody had problems with that?
  13. Nope. Barneys has been soooo much better lately. Anyone know when they make additions to their inventory?