Barney's Warehouse Sale NY in New York August 25 through September 5

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  1. I'm always excited about this sale but Racked's preview today is a little deflating (not that I won't still be there on day 1). No Manolos or Louboutins that I can see and no random Balenciagas like the LA sale. Hopefully it will improve.
  2. I timed my work trip so that I'd be in NYC for the sale. :graucho:

    I'm bummed that I'm missing the first day, but I'm going to be there bright and early the 2nd day. I can't wait!
  3. what usually goes on in a warehouse sale? they sell items before it goes to an outlet? what brands of shoes and brands they typically have?
  4. I was thinking about maybe going at the end of the sale for deeper discounts, but I'm not sure.
  5. Does anyone know when mark downs will start?
  6. I went today. It really was the saddest little Barney's Warehouse sale I'd ever been to (and I go to both the summer and winter sales--and sometimes the LA one too--for as long as I could remember). No Louboutins (I got the corset white boots the last sale so I was hoping for repeat luck) at all, mostly just ugly, expensive shoes many of which were leftovers from the last warehouse sale (but back to the high starting price point, not the marked-down last day of sale price).

    I got two things, both for my husband. I got him a Moncler Gamme Bleu fur trapper hat ($299 and it was only one that I saw--gorgeous and worth the price, I think) and a wool/cashmere Juicy zip-up sweatshirt ($20).

    The only areas I'll be revisiting during this sale is housewares and baby. They had some interesting home items by Jonathan Adler and a couple of cool furniture pieces but they were all still too expensive. There were some cute Dior/Gucci/Lim stuff for kids but I'm going to wait for reductions.
  7. Was there a good selection of Adler pieces? I'm very interested in that selection. Can you remember any specific pieces?
  8. the benhaz sarafpour sample sale was much better. i didnt even bother going to barneys.
  9. This was the worst warehouse sale I've ever been to. They only had about half the amount of shoes they had last year and 80% of them were the shoes that were left over from the last warehouse sale but have been marked back up! There was nothing there that would make me want to go back even when the discounts are deeper. :tdown:
  10. I'll be the third person to confirm that the sale was definitely not worth going to. First of all, it seemed MUCH smaller than previous Barney's warehouse sales. Shoe-wise, I did not see any Louboutins or Manolos; as far as the designer labels go, I saw two pairs of Lanvins and that was about it. All else was mostly Barney's Co-Op. Bags were a similar story. The only thing I saw that was remotely interesting was an Alexander Wang clutch. Also, definitely not as many racks of clothing compared to previous years. I walked away without buying anything.
  11. ugh, thanks for the info ladies! I've been going to these sales for the last 15 years and they are steadily going downhill. The outlet at Woodbury has much better offerings, IMO
  12. I went yesterday because I heard that it wasn't crowded post-hurricane. There seemed to be some new merchandise like the square Alexander Wang bags with the wristlet. But they were still like $450. I didn't notice any new shoes or clothes. The only things with further markdowns were home, baby and men's sport coats all of which are now 25% extra off. I'm going to check back into the sale later in the week to see how much lower they go.
  13. I popped in today to find that they began the first round of markdowns earlier this week. Check out the price list. Overall, I thought the sale was lacking in selection for women's shoes, bags and high-end designer goods. There really wasn't much merchandise worth walking out with...

    Also, one staffer told me that the sale has been extended through Sept 7th.

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  14. I was just about to post a link to your update, Sample Sally!
  15. Thanks! I'm planning to head back this weekend to get a look at the women's stuff and to pick up a few things for the boyfriend. I'll make sure to post an update on the forum.