Barneys Warehouse Sale - Now in SF!!!

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  1. OMG I'm so excited!

    Barneys Warehouse Sale

    50-75% off Regular prices on our selection of the finest designer clothing, shoes +accessories for Men+Women, as well as gifts for the home.

    Thursday July 30th - Sunday August 9th

    Thu-Fri Jul 30-31st 8am-9pm
    Sat Aug 1st 9am - 7pm
    Sun Aug 2nd 10am - 7pm
    Mon Aug 3rd, Thur, Fri 7th 10am-8pm
    Sat Aug 8th+Sun Aug 9th 10am-7pm

    Fort Mason Center
    Herbst Pavilion
    415 268 3497

    Barneys New York
  2. woo hoo!!!!! :yahoo:
  3. I hope they have good stuff for sale!
  4. I'm actually REALLY excited!! I usually pick up amazing deals at the warehouse sale especially at the end.

    I score an in season $1200 Comme des Garcons dress for $30 one year!!! WOOHOO
  5. You Bay ladies are so lucky (and NYC and LA ladies)! I wish they had one here in Texas. Good luck, do post what you get!
  6. Just wondering... since the sale goes for about 1 1/2 weeks, would there be anything left by the end of sale? Should I go early in the morning the first day??
  7. are those the same dates as the sales in NY and LA??
  8. i went to the previous warehouse sale in nyc and i was only there for the shoes but i heard that the best shoes were gone first (louboutins, etc). i was lucky to find a pair of ysl pumps and sandals when i went later on. they do slash the prices as the sale goes on too.
  9. wow. im so happy :biggrin:
  10. who is going? ;) (is it bad if i want to take that thur off... haha!)
  11. In general, I usually go early in the sale. But whenever I go to the LA one on the first day I can barely find anything because the ppl before me grab anything in their size, try it on in the aisles, and if they don't like it, it goes in these bins for the staff there to put back. I'm never there long enough for the clothes to get put back though :sad: There'll be hundreds of articles of clothing in those bins and the staff area. I don't really blame those shoppers, it just sucks if you go in right after them

    Can't wait for the LA one! Good luck in SF to whoever is going.
  12. Do they do this in Chicago?
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to live in LA and always went to the Barney's warehouse sale in Santa Monica! One year, I was one of the first women in and even then, i didn't score much! IMO, the best deals are towards the end when they start to do add'l markdowns. like any sale, it's a hit or miss in terms of what you find (and the mess!) but i love the hunt!

    i'm so excited!
  14. No Chicago sale :sad:. It was only LA and NYC before. The San Francisco sale is a newer addition. Maybe in the future??????
  15. thanks acschjenn, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the future