Barney's Warehouse Sale 2010!

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  1. I got two shoes on the sale, on the first day..
  2. Yay! What didja get, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. i want to stop by this weekend to check it out.... not sure what the selection was like, but my hopes aren't high considering what was on sale in-store before the wh sale.
  4. I got the NITOINIMOI (blue and black), and Rolande boucle..They have a lot of batgirl, and Paola.. I'm still thinking if I would go back 2days before the sale ends..
  5. Do they take phone orders?
  6. Unfortunately they do not.
  7. What was the discount on the shoes? I am off to LA this weekend and plan on visiting the sale.
  8. you can find all about this sale at deal&steal..
  9. I like the Paola, but not unless it's at a higher discount (I'm guessing it's not too high yet?).

    Thanks Ochie! Congrats on your finds!
  10. great scores ochie! love both pairs.... i hope they have stuff in my size, but i'm not interested in the poalas or batgirls....
  11. Amaryllix-no problem! :biggrin:, let us know you what you score..

    thithi- thank you
  12. stopped by this am... looks like most of the good stuff is gone, except for some batgirls. wish i had time to stop earlier, but my wallet is glad. i'm going to go back next weekend to see if there are any deals then.
  13. #14 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    I went yesterday, and managed to pick up the Bow T Dorcets in black! :yahoo: Last pair they had on the shelf, and the poor guy helping me spent 15 minutes looking for its lost mate! I was ecstatic, I love this shoe so much. Also picked up a pair of Prada booties which I've been eyeing for ages too (I cheated, I know, I'm terrible).

    As for choices -- There were a couple pairs of 'damaged' Piros (they were obviously used, scuffing on the soles and a little on the heels on the 40.5) in 37.5 and 40.5. They were under the "Damaged shoes" table, to the right of the box tying and shoe finding table. Tashafs were on the shelves, and my friend picked up a pair of VPs in purple satin (37) but didn't get them.

    There were also Alta Iowas in nude? size 40, but they were a bit on the dirty side. Lillians I think were there... Another pair of boots here and there but I don't remember the style names.

    Now, just need to get these danged labels off...
  14. Amaryllix-congrats! are you going to post modeling pic of your bow T? are you planning to go back? I am planning to go back on Sat, But I am worried if there will be more good stuff left and more discount..