Barney's Trip Report - Spring/Summer Bags (PICS)

Dec 2, 2005
I went to Barney's today w/ the intention of documenting leather variations so I can send them to Sarah to tell her what texture I wanted on my bag. There were so many people Christmas shopping, the SAs were really busy, so I just snapped away w/ my digi cam! :smile:




Wow thanks spiral (btw I feel like I'm stalking you :roflmfao: just saw your post in the sweet punk thread and commented there. Beware the nerd on your back!) that grass green is looking better every time and I love the brown one you got the back of (truffle? cafe? I'm a bbag noob).
lb, I think that picture is of the Marine. They had the Ink in a shrug on sale, and it looked a bit darker.

nerdphanie, Hehe you know I did feel like I was symbolically smuggling all my tPF girls w/ me (in my bag, maybe?) :P
It does look very much like an ink day to me...because the marine with GH is very diffrent. Actually they all look kind of like 06 bags (the ones with reg. hardware/ marron, ink day (the toppart), camel, greige
Maybe I'm wrong but it's my impression...:confused1: ?!