1. Where are my CL gold flats?! I ordered them a million years ago. Does Barneys always take this long to process an order???

    Anyhow, I know this thread is pointless. I just need you all to wait it out with me and then I'll post pics here. hehehehehe
  2. Yes, Barneys takes an eternity to ship an order. I'm not sure why it takes them sooooooooo long. I ordered one pair from them and that's it. I'd rather buy elsewhere. Hope u get them sooon!!!
  3. Call them! If you ordered it online, then there is a BIG possibilty that they will cancel your order. Its happend to me countless times...
  4. ^^^ Yup me too!! And then they shipped the shoes twice....
  5. I've ordered 2 times at Barney's online and both got cancelled! I don't think I'm gonna order from them anymore :sad:
  6. Yea, your better off calling a store and have them search and send it to you.
  7. Yeah, they may have canceled your order if it's taking this long. That's what they did with my Rolandos and I called just in time and got the last pair in my size. Then like a week later they finally sent me something saying my order was canceled.
  8. OMG, I am totally feeling your pain. I ordered my CL's Sunday from net-a-porter using next businessm day shipping and I have yet to receive anything!!!