Barney's Sucks

  1. They just cancelled my order on these fabulous Guiseppe Zanotti buckled open-toe gold mary janes....ughh!!!!!!!!

    I'm just so f#@%R#$)%#^Ying mad!!!!!! :cursing:
  2. These were the one's...on sale :cry:

  3. Sorry, why did they do it??
  4. They cancelled my order 3 times..I know how you feel~
  5. Barneys usually pulls stock from the stores. And it takes a couple days to process their orders, so in the mean time someone could have purchased your shoes. Your best bet is to call the store and have a SA track down the shoe for you.
  6. I know how you feel. I came soooo close to not getting my CLs I ordered because of them doing that crap. If I hadn't called and gotten them to find me a pair in a store I wouldn't have gotten them.
  7. I didn't even think to call them....thanks! Maybe there is still some hope!
  8. Yep, first tries their warehouse and then the Madison Avenue location and if your shoes are sold out from both of those places, that's when they cancel the online order. I would definitely call one of their actual locations. I'm 99% positive you will find them. They canceled a pair of Louboutins and as soon as the order was canceled, I called my SA and she located them immediately at the Beverly Hills store.

    Also, is it the bronze you want for sure? I only ask because I know has them in black and they are doing the additional 20% off today and free shipping.

    Good luck! Let us know if you were able to find them. :smile:
  9. I hate barnyes online, they do suck! You can use the item number and just call the store to find them. Its faster and more accurate. Barneys does NOT update there website...ever! So you may think your item shipped, but it doesen't.
  10. ^^^lol, yeah and it is "preparing for shipping" for a week before they get around to canceling it. They said they are working on the online site, but they also said that this summer. I'll believe it when I see it or in this case, experience it.
  11. wow that sucks. Gucci cancelled my order because they decided the last minute that they were out of stock for what I ordered. I havent shopped online there yet
  12. Thanks for the elux. tip...but unfortunately i was cursed with big feet.

    I guess it is not meant to be. I called the NY store and they were out. Need to call the Bev. Hills store, if not, i think it's a lost cause.

    At this point, black or gold/ bronze will do. I just love this shoe!
  13. Definitely call the store. I talked to the store in Dallas and they were very helpful.
  14. What size are you looking for?
  15. I'm looking for either a 10 or 10.5...i found them at Zappos, but knowing they were on sale for $235 just kind of hurts...

    Called the store, and no luck..I guess it wasn't meant to be :cry: