Barneys shoe sales so far =)

  1. Thanks to my wonderful SA at Barneys Beverly Hills, CA--managed to find some great deals on Christian Louboutins and Lanvin ballet flats!!!

    Christian Louboutin Miss Bunny in black patent 100mm

    Christian Louboutin Red Patent Simple Pumps 100mm

    Lanvin Black Suede with blk velvet bow

    Lanvin Beige Patent ballet flats (these were only 205 USD after second markdowns!!)
  2. Great haul!! I can't believe you got red simples!!!
  3. Nice! I love all of them. And what do you mean by so you have more en route? YAY!!

    Is the Miss Bunny comfy for you?
  4. awww thanks girls!!

    and yes, the miss bunnys were surprisingly comfy, and this is coming from a girl who could barely handle 2 inch heels just a couple years ago (especially after a fall i had where i tore my left ankle ligament and was forever scared to wear heels at all);)
  5. yikes!! omg, so sorry to hear that happened to you cali. but i too started to climb up the inches on heels and louboutins suprisingly are the only ones i can do this with.
  6. they are all gorgeous!! congrats :smile:
  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, I love the Miss Bunny and Simple, and what a great deal Lanvin ballet flats!
  8. The Lanvin Flats are gorgeous!!! May I know if they are true to size? TIA :heart:.
  9. ^^aww thanks!!!

    yes, the lanvin flats run TTS for me but I have heard some gals mention sizing up--but i never size up, even for louboutins, i have pretty small narrow feet too i guess...
  10. gosh those miss bunnys are effin gorgeous! may i ask how much they were? maybe they'll still be avail. in NY! (hope...)
  11. Great haul, congrats!
  12. soundjade the miss bunnys were about 430 USD on sale? I think theyre like 710 USD and then 40% off was the discount i i think that math is right?
  13. Lucky you~ I guess I just dont have a luck with Barney's shoe sale..either they dont have my size or they cancelled my order~:crybaby:
  14. I LOVE the red patent... I tried to find them, but sold out.. :crybaby::crybaby:
  15. How much is Lanvin Black Suede with blk velvet bow? I would love to have them too. Can I call Bev hills store to order it?