Barney's Shipping

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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive a charge/send order from a Barney's store? I recently ordered a pair of Givenchy Open Toe Zip Front Booties from Barney's @ Copley Place/Boston and it was sent via UPS Ground. No tracking number was provided so I have no idea when to expect the package.

    Oh! Also- I placed the order with Susan who is the most amazing SA ever! She is so nice. I had e-mailed her in the morning and she replied about 11 minutes after the store opened.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. about 1 week
  3. I agree with mayen, it should take no more than 1 week depending where you live. I live in SoCal and if I placed an order from the east coast it takes a week but if I placed the order from NorCal takes about 2 business days. You can also call and ask for a tracking number? Sometimes I do when I get impatient about a package.

    Post pics when they arrive! Good to hear the Givenchy booties are still around I was deciding on getting them...
  4. this has been my experience as well when ordering from the site (you know, the one time my order went through).

    are the givenchy boots on sale at barneys? i've only seen them on sale at shopbop, but they're still over 1K.
  5. i have had it take longer because the processing was delayed, but i think the longest (from east to west coast) was 10 days.
  6. They are a little over 50% off at Barney's! At first, I thought I'd have to settle for the pair at shopbop actually, but I called Barney's and they had a few in stock. The pair at shopbop has a patent leather trim and I was looking for the plain all black version.
  7. 1 week for me to get shoes from Barney's NY to Colorado. They were just at my door one day via UPS (no sig required for delivery!).
  8. It took like 4 days to get something from NY to LA..

    If the store is really busy shipping, not all the packages go out that day

    I try to buy something the beginning of the week as opposed to Saturday

    but it doesn't always work out that way!!