Barney's Seattle Stock ?

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  1. Have any of you Pacific North West ladies been to the Barney's in Seattle lately ?? I might be taking a trip down there soon and was wondering what they had in stock (I'm particularily curious about GH days and cities or PT's)

    TIA !! :flowers:
  2. Sorry I have not been, the staff is not very helpful there at all.
    I don`t like to go there too much!!
  3. Last week when I was in there, they had about 4 GSH Step bags in bright colors EB PM. Very few RH bags. Because they are a small store compare to others, they sometimes keep larger bags in the back. New stock arrives today, so may be worth a call to see what they recieved :smile: I do agree with Swissflower- the SA there are not really helpful (except Gregory) unless you are buying for sure. Good luck!
  4. Thanks tina that was very helpful !!
  5. Was just in there today and bought a BBG GGH day. If I can remember correctly, they had about 4-5 GSH step bags (magenta, electric blue, dark green (?), a couple of the floral citys, a white city, a black GSH day, a magenta GSH day (great leather on that one). maybe a few others. the leather wasn't really doing it for me on a lot of the bags.....