Barney's Seattle stock

  1. I didn't really have much time last night in Barney's, cause they're closing at 7 and I went there like bout 10 minutes prior to their closing time

    I saw:
    Ocean City with SGH (beautiful...!) :heart:
    Violet City with SGH
    Jaune Day with SGH
    either Oatmeal or Sandstone Day in GH (not sure)
    Plomb Day in GH (there's few in display..)
    White City with GGH (maybe it's ivory.. )
    Black Work RH
    Black Day RH

    Lots of wallets...

    You can call at 206.622.6300 for further information
    HTH :heart:
  2. Do you remember if the Plomb day with GH was silver or gold?
  3. I think they had both ... they were in the display..
  4. Thank you CB!!!!!
  5. ^Which one are you getting? :nuts:
  6. SOF- I want the silver one, when I was at Barneys in July they didn't have this combo, and all of the plomb they did have was with GGH- I really want the SGH!!!!:drool:
  7. I called yesterday and they didn't have any Plomb days at Barneys Seattle:tdown:. I am soooo bummed!!!!!!!
  8. I'm pretty sure they're on display.. Sorry! :sad::push:
  9. I was just down there on Sunday and they had TONS of Plomb Days. Did you say "plomb?" They probably had no idea what you meant... Also, they all had Giant Hardware for the Plombs....
  10. Thanks Starsnhevn!!!! I said it was grey, and could be called, lead, steel, or plomb. It is sooo frustrating!!!!!
    Thanks again for your help!!!
    Was the hardware GSH? (fingers crossed!!!!!) Or GGH?
    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I called again today- no steel days with gh!!!!!
  12. Wow.. they must have sold out. They had like 2 or 3 of them... at least 1 SGH. So weird...
  13. ITA PP! I was on a quest recently for a Plomb PT w/SGH. More often than not, they thought I was saying Plum so they thought I was inquiring about the Violet. I finally had to get out of the "Plomb" reference and called it Steel or Dark Grey instead. I called there the other day and I wish I could remember the name of the SA. She was pretty knowledgable. Anyway, good luck! I know how frustrating it can be.
  14. Thanks againCB and Star. I had a good SA yesterday when I called.I think sometimes it's hard to tell when they lump together steel, black, and anthracite. It sounds like they only got the Steel with GGH and he said no days at all????
    It's so disappointing, maybe I'll try Chicago today. I want a CP too!!!!!;)
  15. I had to laugh when I read this ... alas, I too have found that I have had to refer to the Plomb as Steel-Grey or Dark Grey. I guess most of the folks haven't gotten past rudimentary French!