Barneys Seattle Stock 8/24/08

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  1. CPs and wallets were all giant hardware. I didn't really look at them but I remember seeing Sky Blue SGH, EB SGH and Amethyste SGH CPs and an EB SGH and Sapphire SGH compagnon. I also saw an Amesthyste RCH MU.

    Anthra GCH WE and RCH Work
    Amethyste RCH City and RCH Work
    Black GCH Weekender
    Argent RCH First
    Sapphire RCH First

    ...thats about it. Small store!

  2. Thanks!! :biggrin:
  3. Wow, they had an EB CP?! How was the leather/color? If I hadn't just bought one in another bright color I'd be very temped....thanks for the report! :tup:
  4. Hey no problem! I actually didn't look too closely at the accessories...or at anything really. I was only in there for a few minutes because nothing really caught my eye! (but then again, I'm not a huge accessories person) :tup: