Barney's score: Fendi

  1. I JUST came back from there OMGGG I got a pair of louboutin espadrills,and a pair of L'autre Chose sequined flats they are FAB..BTW I saw thoses the other day (Ive gone to the sale 4x already)
  2. I love them! Don't look like hooker shoes to me.
  3. Oh those are so NOT hooker shoes, geez.

  4. did they have other louobutins?
  5. Those are not hooker shoes at all! They look pretty.
  6. Don't look anywhere close to hookerish to me.
  7. Unfortunately the closest warehouse sale to me was down in Santa Monica. :sad:

    Those Fendi are nice. I usually don't like Fendi stuff, but those shoes get my stamp of approval! Not hooker no no!
  8. I think the lucite heel changes the look of the shoe, not in the hooker way of course! LOL. they are cute and it sounds like you got a great deal! Way to go!
  9. So not hooker shoes. Your DH doesn't have any idea what he's talking about!