Barney's Sale?

  1. anyone know when the holiday sales will start?
  2. I got a notice in the mail that I believe said the sale started yesterday.
  3. did anyone go yet? anything worth while to buy?
  4. What's included/excluded?????
  5. I know yesterday the bridal sale started with 50% off Vera Wang sample dresses. It goes for a couple weeks I think... I think Barney's sales are very underrated, I've found some really great deals there during sale season.
  6. I had called the Copley Place store in Boston and was told alot of co-op stuff goes on sale now, but the high end stuff will be next week into December! I cannot wait.
  7. ^^^I'm in MA too! Do their hand bags go on sale?
  8. I LOVE the the Barney's sale...thanks!
  9. i was at the copley Barney's this morning and saw no signs of a sale in the handbag department...hopefully next week!
  10. when next week???
  11. Keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  12. yes, please! I cannot go to check as I have a project due + finals... But I will make it there if they have a sale...