Barneys sale

  1. I am not sure if someone posted this earlier... but there are some sale items that were pretty decent. I just purchased a pair of red christian louboutin wedge sandals and a miu miu thong sandals!

    There are a lot of Christian Louboutin shoes on sale for $200 less than retail!
  2. Which CL did you get? The checked or the patent? Those are hot looking shoes.
  3. I got some Lanvin and P. Hardy. I'm holding my breath to see if it goes through. Barneys usually cancels my orders because no stock yet the website shows they have them.
  4. I scored a pair of $39 J brand 10" skinnies at the Soho location! :yahoo:
  5. AH no! :sad: I am getting really sad now.. because I have the biggest feeling they might. When I ordered them I was thinking, this is too good to be true!

    I purchased the red patent CL shoes.
  6. orders placed online are most likely to be canceled since stock comes from stores, regardless of what the credit customer service ppl tell you. If i see something I want online, I call each store until I find it. I ordered a pair of ksubi and J brand jeans over the phone shipping charges no tax....loves the girl I worked with it. both pairs were $108.00, total.
  7. Which store were you most successful with?
  8. ^ it depends what I am looking for etc. shoes,jeans, bags. I have an SA @ each dept/location for what I need haha! I love Barneys.
  9. I never have success when ordering sales items online, 100% cancel rate...

    my new strategies is to call EVERY store listed to locate the sale handbag, so far 100% success rate, i got the Lanvin Hero for $699 (original $1750) and the MJ Debbie for $699 (original $1800), one of the SA even waived the $12 shipping for me for sale items.
  10. Do you know who I can speak to for women's denim? :p
  11. My jeans order from the online store was just canceled too! Which store do you call to see if they have them in stock? Is it better to call a barneys or a coop for denim?
  12. Does any of the stores sell pet accessories? I was thinking about hte doggy collars.

    Thanks everyone for the heads up! I knew it was too good to be true :sad:
  13. They canceled my online order, both items out of stock. Took them about a week to let me know, too. How annoyed do you think I am?! :mad:
  14. I really would be too. I am annoyed already ever since I was told they cancel online orders all thet ime. ugh! How useless is their sale if they never have any of hteir items in stock??
  15. I will never buy anything from Barney's online again... it is seriously pointless... they cancel orders all the time