Barneys sale starts on 11/28

  1. They are preselling right now.
  2. Do you know if this will be online too?
  3. anyone knows if christian loubontin having pre-sale as well? PLZ...I really need to get one booties for my mom.:wlae:
  4. Anyone have more info on this? % off / styles? Thanks-
  5. Well I am a guy and there online selection SUCKS for men.

    But the most recent sale was online (mainly co-op) as well, so I would think this one will be.

    This is the major designer sale which means savings of at least 40%.
  6. Never been to this before, but if it's any good, it might be worth a trip to ny. What kinds of brands are on sale 40%? Any more info? Thanks!!
  7. whats the % off ? - its off whatever sale price it is now?
  8. Darn it, too many sales happening at the same time!!!
  9. Wait, do you mean the bi-annual (instore) co-op sale or an online sale?
  10. From past experience, this early sale @ Barneys is a bit disappointing. There might be better discounts on 11/28. Go early for the best selection. I've bought tshirts for like $9 - $25 at Barneys coop that were originally $60 - $90.
  11. this is instore only?
  12. thanks for the info!
  13. i was at Barneys BH yesterday. Got a pair of Louboutins...they had a ton on presale! Average % off is 30-33%.
  14. what brands of handbags were on sale? i am in desperate need of a new purse!
  15. CALLLLLL I am gonna call them now!! I am from toronto, we are having a very littile louboutin on sale right now...but with 40% off seems not too bad then?