BARNEY'S SALE second cut- up to 50%

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  2. Thanks! :tup:
  3. any free shipping codes for Barneys?
  4. site overloaded - can't get in:shrugs:
  5. ^ same here. im so annoyed. at least i'm not spending $ tho.
  6. same here!! but I got some luck I have placed my order already. I don't know if it would get canceled tho?:confused1:
  7. I think they are a bit took them 7 days to finally ship out my order...7 days!!
  8. I called customer service & was on hold for a really long time too
  9. Lots of good deals on there...
  10. Does anyone know if they're prone to cancelling orders like NM and Saks when there are sales? Especially since they're so slow, I'd hate for it to take days to find out that what I'd ordered is not in stock.
  11. ^^ I think there have been previous posts about how it can take about 3 days for them to process your order. From what I recall, it sounds like they have to "find" the item in a store and then it gets shipped out. So if the stores are out of the item, they can't fulfill your order.
  12. any free shipping??
  13. This is very bad for my wallet.
  14. ^^LOL! mine too! but my orders always seem to get canceled. I wish they would get their act together!
  15. Yes, I ordered a pair of louboutins from them before they were marked down on the web, but after they got marked down in the store, and the order was cancelled :sad: