Barney's sale May 30

  1. Thank you for posting this!
  2. Any Bottega bags for presale? Does anyone know which ones were available in store?
  3. I'll post some sale shoes later today. SA just forwarded me a bunch of shoe pics!
    40% off
  4. Alouette-would you mind giving me her info? I'm after a pair of YSL's and I don't live near a Barneys or have an SA. TIA:smile:
  5. I found a purple nightingale... $1250. Pm me if interested.
  6. HI! I pm'd you the SA info. I'll post it here too, no worries.

    Stephanie, 480-430-1954

    Prices from top to bottom:


    Alaia 1280~769.jpg Alaia 1760~1059 501477289.jpg Alaia 1910~1149.jpg MiuMiu 660~399 wedge.jpg MiuMiu 660~399.jpg
  7. I was just browsing Barney's site and they have some Bal City's on sale, AW bags including Rocco's and Givenchy bags including Pandora's, Antigona Tote and Nightingale Totes also on sale. You have to look under each designer. They are NOT on the sale page.
  8. Miu Miu's
    MiuMiu 690~409.jpg MiuMiu 795~479 501524347.jpg MiuMiu 1200~719.jpg MiuMiu590~349.jpg Phoenix-20120528-00637.jpg
  9. More:
    Fendi 565~339.jpg Fendi 715~429 501444541.jpg Fendi 695~419.jpg Fendi 820~489.jpg Fendi 855~509 501444509.jpg
  10. More sale shoes:
    YSL 795~479.jpg YSL 995~599.jpg YSL 1025~619.jpg YSL Wedge 795~479.jpg Fendi 695~419 501477737.jpg
  11. more...
    Fendi 770~459.jpg Givenchy 700~419.jpg Givenchy 880~529 501500569.jpg Lanvin 575~349.jpg Lanvin 730~439.jpg
  12. It looks like they have updated their sale page now.
  13. More Barney's sale shoes in Phoenix:
    Lanvin 855~509.jpg Lanvin 895~539.jpg Balenciaga 425~259.jpg Balenciaga 545~329.jpg Balenciaga 575~349.jpg
  14. :graucho:
    Balenciaga 935~559.jpg Balenciaga 945~569.jpg Balenciaga 1065~639.jpg Bottega Veneta 790~469.jpg Bottega Veneta 820~489.jpg
  15. last couple...
    Bottega Veneta 850~509.jpg Bottega Veneta 940~559.jpg