Barneys Resort Collection...Catalog Pics!!

  1. Here are a couple of Balenciaga items that were in the Barneys Resort Catalog that I received today:

    Barney's Resort_1.jpg

    This is a bucket shaped bag that is described as the "Giant Marine Duffle with Rope Strap" $1295

    Barney's Resort_2.jpg

    These are described as "Tie Dye Gladiator Flats" $675. It's hard to tell in the photos, but the sandals look like they have the new turqouise and electric blue running through them!

    What does everyone think of the bag style? I just don't think that I can get on board with the rope handle...The sandals I think I would love in a neutral color.
  2. Thanks for sharing the pix!

    I can't get my head around a Bbag with a rope handle either! It reminds me of a rope-handled canvas duffle bag I use for boat gear!
  3. I want those shoes sooooo bad.
  4. Thanks for sharing! I want those shoes badly too! :heart::heart: Wow. Do they come in different color combos?
  5. Thanks for the pics! I'm not liking the bag but I love the shoes :heart:
  6. I agree i'm really liking those shoes!!
  7. I really hope balenciaga does the mens gladiator sandals again! I really should have bought them this summer. =(
  8. ^ I put my name on a list for them. I hear they are coming in a high heeled sandal as well. I can't wait:drool:
  9. I agree, I kept eyeing those shoes everytime I went in there.
  10. Oh my word those gladiators just made my heart hurt a little. Those are quite possibly the most perfect creatures ever created for summer frolicking. :ty:
  11. I saw the gladiators today and really love them. I'd seen pictures of the pale aqua colored leather ones before, but these are suede, tie-dyed. The colors are thyme and a couple of blues. :tup: Very cute on.
  12. Thanks. I like the bag..oh! the shoes too.
  13. Thanks for the images. I'd seen the heeled tie-dye sandals but not the flats...they're gorgeous.