Barneys Purple Card Event?

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  1. Does anyone know when Barneys will be having the next purple card event? The last one was in October, and I thought that they did one in Feb also, but the SA's I have talked to have no information yet.

    Does Barney's still give 10% off for opening a new credit account?
  2. Bump... Anyone know when the next Purple Card event will be?
  3. i thought they just had a double points event last that ended last sunday? in any case, any know if they ever have triple point events?

    yes, i believe they still have 10% off for new account openings.
  4. Last year and the year before, Barneys had their purple card event in the middle of March, March 19-22. I spoke to an SA yesterday who had no info on any Purple card event in the near future. Does anyone know if Barneys is still doing the purple card event?
  5. i hope they don't cancel it.
  6. I spoke to my Barneys SA who said that she heard the purple card event is scheduled for April 14-17

    She had nothing in writing yet, and was not 100% sure. Can anyone else confirm these dates?
  7. :bump: Anyone got any info?
  8. what's the purple card event?
  9. I'd like to know too!
  10. Basically Barney's purple card event works like this: For every $250 you spend, you get a $25 gift card. So if you spend $500, you get a $50 gift card...

  11. Yes, Barney's Purple Card event is similar to Saks ECG, or Neimans Gift Card events.

    I spoke to a store manager today who said that there is no Purple Card event scheduled for April. He originally thought that it might be April 14-17, but can now confirm that they are not having one in April .This is strange as Barney's always has their event in March or April, so perhaps they are not doing it anymore.
    I do not understand what the problem is with Barneys. The gift card amounts to only 10%, and Barneys usually only does purple card twice a year in Spring and Fall. Saks and Neimans have their gift card events every few months. You would think that they would want to try and increase business, as the store near me always seems so dead.
  12. I think that's bc few brands are going to increase their price during May. that's prob the reason why barney delays the promo.

    I am waiting on the event too...
  13. Just got the postcard today. It's May 6th - 9th. Get a $25 GC ("purple card") for every $250 spent.
  14. Although Barney's purple card event is similar to Saks EGC or NM's Gift Card events, Barney's doesn't have the laundry list of exclusions that Saks has which means that, even though it is only 10%, in some ways, it is a better deal than the Saks EGC or NM Gift Card event.
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    does that mean if you spend e.g. $1140, you get $114 or does it have to fall within a range, like 1000 to 1250 and you get 1000 since 1140 is less than 1250?