Barney's pink minibout- does any other stores carry them?

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  1. Hello ladies, do you know if any store other than Barney's carries the pink minibout? I think NM/BG has a lighter version of pink (which I don't want).
    Have anyone seen these anywhere else?
    I'm in Australia and to send these from Barney would cost $100 or more. I am hoping I can get them sent cheaper. NM/BG only cost $26 and Saks/BG stores cost $50.
    I would really appreciate the info. TIA.
  2. So far, I have only seen the raspberry pink minibouts at Barneys.
    I know that Saks has the nude in stores and NM has the Barbie pink color.
    Perhaps you should call the boutiques to see if they will get that shoe in pink.
  3. Thank you, Kamilla. =)